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The main feature of our lap timers is the ability to show the delta-time between the current lap and the best lap continuously as as you drive.  The delta-time display update happens very frequently (several times per second) and gives you real-time feedback on your driving AS you are driving  - anything "good" will bring your delta-time down and anything "bad" will bring it up - all while you remember what you just did.  It gives you real-time instant feedback.

The timer is very sensitive to any variation in your driving (like braking point, line choice, coasting, speed of the shifts, etc.) and the display will immediately show the resulting time difference.  This is how humans learn motor-skills: do something and observe the result as you do it.  While looking at recorded data later that day or the next day might be entertaining, it is very hard to translate recorded data to actual driving improvements.  Some add video to the data to give clue as to what the driver actually did at a given point in the data, but in our opinion nothing beats direct feedback as you do the driving - it's quite addictive.

Many of our customers have both a data logger and our lap timer since they compliment each other.  Our lap timer gives instant feedback on a fluid and easy-to-read display, and gives you invaluable information for motor-skill learning .  The data logger gives you data to compare with other drivers' data to give clues as to where on the track it is interesting to experiment while you drive.

One thing to note is that it is very important that the display is easy to read while driving, this is why all our lap timers have a bright red LED display instead of a hard-to-read LCD display.

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